• What is A2VMx?
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    Grow Value by Increasing Effectiveness
  • Managing Business Transformation
    “Some of our projects are not successful because workers don’t
    engage. To migrate our core systems into the cloud, we needed a
    strategy that brought everyone into the process. Standardizing
    apps and systems between business units was complicated and many
    processes were inefficient. GEM Analytics helped us boost worker
    engagement by modeling our workforce. They provided unique data
    models we used to develop a step-change strategy that really worked.
    Our transformation cycle was reduced by 60% saving us millions.”

    - Chief Operating Officer
  • Life Sciences Clinical Trials
    “As a major life sciences company, we need to improve our target
    selection while speeding up drug discovery and clinical trials.
    We must also shrink development cycle times across our global
    workforce. GEM Analytics created a framework that models how
    day-to-day activities drive clinical trial research. We used predictive
    analytics to shorten cycle times to improve productivity and cut costs.
    We automated mundane and inefficient processes to reduce cycle times
    40-50% to bring new products to market in less time. Burnout has
    dropped and our people work collectively to solve problems.”

    - Vice President
  • Waste & Lost Opportunity Costs
    “GEM Analytics provided game changing perspective by mining our data
    to create performance metrics. When we viewed our data in a treemap,
    we knew we had to reduce waste. Within weeks, we discovered more
    about customer needs than we did through years of R&D. We realigned
    resources using algorithms to calculate value. We worked on improving
    effectiveness of workgroup meetings to make more time to seize new
    opportunities. Results have been breathtaking! Sales are growing 15%
    while costs have fallen 20-30% and employee morale has grown 200%!”

    - Chief Marketing Officer
  • Growing Software & IT Services
    “The technology business is brutal. You must be agile and innovative
    to meet user demands. Advancing technologies continuously displace
    solutions. As a major software and IT services firm, we use sales and
    marketing data to guide development. GEM Analytics provides ecosystem
    insight we use to identify and attract ideal prospects. They help us
    mine hidden insight in client emails, texts, social media and documents
    to track change so we can develop new tools and services. GEM Analytics
    also monitors trends and markets to find new opportunities. Our revenues
    grow because we have a constant supply of information to understand
    and serve customer needs.”

    - Executive Vice President
  • Advanced Data Enrichment to Grow Sales
    Are You Meeting Sales Goals?
    GEM Analytics helps business Maximize Revenue Growth
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    Optimize Your Potential
    Get Vital Insight to Grow Your Business
  • Roadmaps & Action Plans
    Get the Competitive Edge to Grow Sales & Profits

GEM Ideal Prospects

Sell to prospects that will benefit most from your offerings. Know who to target, make your case and close more deals.

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GEM cDNA Due Diligence

What is your potential? Optimize your capabilities and resources? Know what you need to do to grow returns and profits.

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GEM EcoSystems

Business is global and competition is fierce. Strengthen customer and partner deals by seizing the best opportunities.

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Powerful Transformation Engine to Optimize Your Business!

Unlock potential hidden in your business data.


Develop the baseline model you need to calculate real-time value creation.


Get the insight to develop your strategy and roadmaps to optimize operation.


Know what you need to do to maximize resources and effort to enhance ROI.


Monitor and align efforts to improve worker engagement to get the best results.

Workers Profiled
Corporate Models
Solution Calculators

How does your business work?

GEM cDNA Due Diligence

GEM Analytics models cDNA to drive your business.

cDNA Workflow
GeoEconoMetric EcoSystem

How is your business positioned?

Comparative Performance

GEM Analytics GeoEconoMetric EcoSystem insight improves your business positioning to compete in world markets.

What impacts your business?

Gotcha Factors

GEM Analytics builds make or break metrics to diagnose and solve hidden challenges.

cDNA Ontology & Taxonomy Map & Core Business Metadata Model
Potential with cDNA & GEM EcoSystem

What is your potential?

Probability Scenarios

GEM Analytics evaluates the quantity and quality of business opportunities.

Will your business evolve?

Strategy, Roadmaps & Actions Plans

GEM Analytics delivers insight to optimize your business.

GEM Business Solution Workflow

Strategic Opportunities

Get the insight you need to develop an effective transformation strategy with solution roadmaps and action plans.

What the Experts are Saying

We had to migrate to cloud-based systems. Our challenge was knowing where to focus. GEM Analytics streamlined our process by developing the models and roadmaps we needed to know what steps to take and when.
IT Executive
We needed feedback from 4,500 executives in 26 countries in 6 languages. The insights we received gave us game changing insight we needed to reorganize global operations.
Board Member
We optimized our product development systems and saved millions. We reduced bottlenecks and eliminated uncertainties that bogged down decision making. A2VMx gave us the activity to value metrics we required.
Decision Influence Team