Solution ROI

Calculate Impact Potential & ROI of New Solutions

Know how mobile and cloud-based applications improve worker productivity

Application Impact

Which applications meet your needs? How do specific mobile and cloud-based applications impact the way people work? GEM Analytics profiles hundreds of applications to determine solution impact potential and ROI. Solution providers can use their profile to make the case to decision makers. CIOs can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of applications to find the best solutions.

Compare Apps

How do different applications compare? Which applications are best for specific situations? What do you need to know before you license an application? How do you get users to engage and leverage new applications? How do you satisfy concerns of knowledge workers? GEM Analytics helps you meet your needs.

Application ROI

Corporations need new solutions. The challenge is finding the best solutions. Corporations have been burned by solution providers that have failed to deliver. GEM Analytics performs detailed analysis of solution applications to determine impact potential. We develop complex activity-based calculators to model impact potential and ROI. Solution providers can use these tools to shorten sales cycles by demonstrating impact potential. You can calculate ROI for new applications to determine payback periods.

Desktop vs. Mobile

Corporation need to migrate legacy systems. Which applications are best for desktops and phones? Which applications are most popular? Why do users like them?

Make Your Case to Decision Makers!