Big Data Strategy

Big Data Strategy

Strategic Assets Business information is often hidden. Undigested information is raw unstructured data that has not been analyzed. Unstructured data is in text messages, documents, email, video and audio files, images and graphics. Online information that is not indexed by search engines is also unstructured data. This data is enormous and grows exponentially each year. Unstructured data comprises 90% of all data in existence. You have strategic assets that are buried in unstructured data. You can leverage these assets to optimize business potential. Mining and integrating these assets with DNA-based data models creates opportunity to generate new kinds of insight you can use for your business.

Turn Big Data into Strategic Assets

Audit Your Information

Audit your information to know what you have in terms of information-based assets.

Inventory Your Assets

Identify your strategic assets (2% of your data) and use to support your business.

Build Your Ontologies

Develop DNA-based metadata models and ontologies to improve quality of your big data.

Turn raw data into strategic information you need to transform your business.