GEM Analytics Solutions

Modern Solutions to Optimize Business Performance!

Unlock insight to maximize operating potential.

Unlock cDNA

Unlock corporate DNA insight to measure performance and guide transformation.

Ecosystem DB

Use ecosystem data to rank ideal prospects and optimize sales and marketing efforts.

Action Plans

Know business potential to drive efforts to maximize revenues and profits.

Ongoing Tracking

Monitor progress to maximize ROI and optimize best use of resources and assets.

GEM Analytics turns historical data into a framework to model corporate DNA (cDNA). Use new insight to optimize practices and capabilities to improve business performance. Build blockchain applications using advanced analytics to manage transactions and contracts through enterprise and ecosystems. Take advantage of AI / machine learning to turn performance analytics into predictive / prescriptive insight to support development of strategies, roadmaps and action plans to maximize value creation and ROI. Improve knowledge worker productivity while reducing costs and enhancing use of capital and assets to grow revenues and profits.