Information Audit

Inventory of Information Assets

Asset Value You know You can leverage amazing new breakthroughs in technology. But first, it is important to recognize that change is a process. The unknown can be scary. People do not like to change. But change creates opportunity to make things better. It helps to understand the implications of change. This is why we build models. We model future situations by drawing upon past experiences and historic realities. We can help you turn historic data into predictive and prescriptive models. You can use these models to improve how you manage and use information. As stated, information grows exponentially. You can learn from past experiences. Business experiences are hidden in information in files on servers and devices. This is why we audit information. The goal is to extract patterns of use to assess relationships. Actions of the past translate into insight to manage your future. You learn from the past when experiences are put into proper context.

An Info-Audit provides 360 degree perspective of operations. Opportunity to evolve legacy systems and applications begins with an information audit. We use semantic technologies in powerful platforms to capture, analyze and automate use of digital assets. We use rules-based engines and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enhance value of these digital assets. We drill down into documents, email, legacy systems and applications to extract information. Then we transform unstructured data into actionable insight. You use this insight to improve information management. Your goal is to improve how you capture, analyze, manage and use digital assets. We help by providing support with great precision and efficiency. An Info-Audit will help you manage Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud migration. Insight extracted during and Info-Audit will integrate with your cDNA models. This sets up opportunity to drive business and digital transformation.

Get control of your information assets to modernize your systems and applications.